Corporate responsibility
Protecting our environment, people and land is our top priority. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our work and to achieve maximum positive results for the development of our society and the world around us.
✓ Social objective: developing people's potential, ensuring safety and health, creating conditions for employees' self-fulfillment and professional development, promoting the resolution of important social issues.
✓ Company goal: achieving maximum profitability through efficient use of resources, use of technology savings, continuous improvement of processes, honesty and clarity of action. The company is committed to innovation, careful management of the land and the production of high quality products that meet international standards of quality, business ethics and customer needs.
✓ Environmental goal: maximize energy efficiency, minimize negative ecological impacts, reducing gas emissions, recycling and minimizing waste, preserving the earth's self-healing powers. Sustainable development and social responsibility goals
✓ Adherence to international standards, code of compliance, internal basic guidelines.
✓ Integration into corporate strategy, efficiency increase and long-term sustainable management.
✓ Innovative development, internal entrepreneurship.
✓ Honesty, openness, and visibility.
✓ Clear tolerance of fraud and corruption.
✓ Respect for interests and constructive dialog in relations with the interested party.
✓ Responsible leadership and ethical standards.
✓ Equal opportunities, culture of respect and trust.
✓ Ensuring safe and appropriate working conditions, prioritizing the protection of employees' lives and health in relation to the results of production activities.
✓ Being a good neighbor, improving the quality of life and well-being of the population and providing social support in the regions where the company is present.
✓ Responsible management of resources and production.
✓ Protect the environment and conserve land resources. Responsible employer
✓ Personnel are an asset of the company, the driving force for its development and a source of competitive advantage.
✓ Workplace relations, health and safety:
Human rights and freedoms and all labor laws are respected. Child labor is unacceptable, persons under the legal minimum age are not employed, and there are no forms of forced labor. Any form of discrimination against workers based on gender and age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social status, political affiliation, membership in trade unions and other associations of citizens is not accepted. Competitive wages and social protection of workers, protection of the rights of pregnant women, nursing mothers, families with many children, disabled people, etc. provided. Creation of safe, adequate and comfortable working conditions for workers, compliance with international standards. Measures are taken to prevent and minimize occupational accidents and diseases. Financial assistance is provided to employees in difficult life situations. Initiatives are taken to preserve the health of others and protect the environment. Development of human resources: Education and development projects for employees are carried out - Corporate Internal Coach, Seminars, and other events as professional and personal development programs.
✓ Support for local communities in the regions.
✓ Projects are implemented to improve the areas in the regions where the company operate.
✓ The company actively participates in meetings and industry organizations.
✓ Ethical business conduct: Any form of circumvention, extortion, fraud, embezzlement or bribery is unacceptable. DOA applies fair and ethical business practices and requires its partners to do the same.
✓ Commitment and honesty - key to success in relationships with investors, financial institutions and organizations, suppliers and participants, customers, institutions, assemblies of organizations, the public and the media. The company interacts effectively with interested groups, engages in constructive dialog based on business implementation, fair competition and conscientious fulfillment of their obligations. Trust and openness of information is the basis of work.
✓ Quality and safety: DOA cooperates with a leading international certified inspection company and advanced laboratories to improve our food safety and quality control system.
✓ Environmental protection: We meet current legal requirements in the field of environmental protection, environmental management systems are implemented and continuously improved.

Quality Product

DOA backs up with quality products with a commitment of excellent service. We specialize in providing a wide range of grades to meet the needs of our customers.

Firm Commitment

We are committed to providing with quality products, competitive prices, and best services at all times.Doa is dedicated to provide excellent service at all times and honouring all our commitments.

Timely Shipments

We have exceptional procedures in place to facilitate efficient movement of product to the end user. We work towards the assurance of timely shipments and all necessary export/domestic documentations required by our clients.

Global Network

Our main focus is on International exports but we do cater to the domestic market as well. Today we export and trade to all corners of the world.